Tigerbot was a project in college for CMU’s Build18 event. It was a 2 wheeled robot made in 2011 that could be controlled via an iPhone. One PCB was custom developed, the low level microcontroller code was coded by Kevin Li, and the iPhone connected to the bot via a Beagleboard with USB Wifi.

Newsatlas was a single page app that I used to learn AngularJS with - it is now defunct because Google removed the APIs that I was using to retrieve news data. The logic to map between a news article and the location was done client side based on how many times the articles description text contained a location. A filtered list of every city, country, and state was sent over to the client as a large dictionary to remove the need for a webserver.

Treehouse Clash

Treehouse Clash was a simple 3d game I wrote in Objective-C. It was used to learn about OpenGL, iPhone game development, and computer graphics. I wrote the entire 3d Game Engine from scrach in Objective-C and learned Blender along the way for creating 3d models.

Slicer was a reddit-like website where users could create spaces and post content (links, images, audio, videos). I wrote a React-like web framework with a browser + node router that could do serverside rendering for this website.


Scriptflow is a dataflow tool written in Node.js and React. I designed and wrote the graphical DAG engine, designed the website, wrote the docs, and deployed to AWS.

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