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Next.js with Postgraphile

Introducing next-postgraphile


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Next.js is an elegant web app starter platform that combines an opinionated webpack configuration with React and more recently a lightweight API layer.

Using next.js with Typescript provides an elegant way to develop webapps applications quickly while utilizing the react ecosystem for prebuilt components. Due to how simple next.js makes development and deployment, it’s become my go to development platform for javascript webapps.


Graphql was developed as a query language for large API surfaces as an alternative to REST. Graphql allows web and mobile developers to define what data they need from a backend declaratively with a single query while also providing valuable introspection capabilities during development.

Graphql has allowed developers to rapidly update client frontends with new data as the API layer is updated. It has also enabled the recent rise of rapid application development platforms like Prisma, Apollo, and Postgraphile.

Rapid application development platforms

Rapid development platforms are not new - infact, you could argue that they predate the Web entirely with Filemaker coming out in 1985 on the Macintosh.

What RAD platforms do is allow developers to quickly iterate & release products to users while still finding product-market fit.

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Checkout next-postgraphile on github here

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